Yoga Mat Care: Keeps your yoga mat clean and fresh

Careful care not only increases the life of your yoga mat, but also plays a role in holistic training. Your pad will be even more familiar and develops into a quiet retreat area. In addition, hygiene is important because you have direct skin contact with your pad during meditation or certain asanas. To relax as well as to train intensively, a clean, fragrant surface is simply more pleasant.

Depending on the material, there are differences in the optimal yoga mat care. In natural virgin wool mats often already sufficient airing and shaking, while synthetic fiber mats are usually washable.

first Yoga mat care for self-cleaning wool mats

Since virgin wool is a natural material, it has special characteristics. The property of self-cleaning provides a kind of natural yoga mat care. So it is usually enough to shake up the wool mat after training vigorously and to hang in the fresh air. However, the fur can easily felt. Accordingly, you should wash your woolen mat only in an emergency - if it is so dirty after a workout in the open air. Just imagine, you have a sheep in the tub and treat your woolen mat with the same feeling.

Lukewarm water and our wool detergent with aloe vera are particularly suitable for yoga mat care. Then you just hang her on a leash. It regenerates itself. Under no circumstances should you blow dry it. Do you have a high pile mat, you have to pay attention to the "temptation". In this natural process, the combed wool returns to its original shape, especially when wet. Regular combing keeps her fluffy and fresh for a long time.

  • easy to care for
  • ensure self-cleaning properties basic hygiene
  • air and shake
  • comb regularly
  • special care with aloe vera

second Washable surface: Hygiene for synthetic fiber mats

You can easily wash most of our synthetic fiber mats in the machine. Depending on the material and composition, temperatures range between 30 and 60 degrees Celsius. The best way to look at the enclosed instructions for yoga mat care and adjust your washing machine accordingly. However, yoga mats must not be thrown or put in the dryer. After washing, hang it loosely over the clothesline. For light soiling or more delicate materials, it is sufficient to wipe your yoga mat damp. If hand wash is recommended, you can spray it in the bath.

A little tip for yoga mat care: Lukewarm water with a dash of vinegar neutralises the light production film on new synthetic fiber mats. Over time, the material becomes more self-gripping through regular use.

  • partially machine washable
  • easy to clean
  • damp wipe

Proper Yoga Mat Care for Shiatsumats

Multi-layered shiatsu mats can be kept clean without any problem. You just take off the cotton cover and clean it in the machine.