Individual yoga mat with embroidery on request

Custom Yoga Mats

Custom yoga mat with embroidery on request

Really unique: Customize your yoga mat with fine embroidery on request and transform it into a real one-of-a-kind piece! In the yogabox shop the way to the desired mat is quite simple: think of a motif that we embroider for you on the corner of a high-quality premium plus yoga mat. Both in the mat itself and in the embroidery threads you have the free choice of color. It is important to have a good contrast between base color and embroidery, because the embroidery should stand out clearly in color. Apart from that, you can choose the color and motif freely. As a decision aid, we can tell you our color top sellers in the yoga mats: The colors green, orange, purple, stone and wine red are particularly high in the price. The specially designed motif will give your yoga mat its distinctive look.

YOUR unique: This yoga mat has only you alone!

Customizations by embroidery designs and embroidered labels are also possible without a minimum order quantity. What company's logo, trademark or slogan can be for you, your personal yoga philosophy, another fitting saying or a special yoga motif. The noble motif and lettering embroidery we make exactly to your specifications - only for you alone or in a small edition. In other words, you will receive an individual yoga mat, optionally with an individual embroidered motif - one or more colors - and / or an individual label. Also in the placement and size of the embroidery you have the choice: top left, bottom right, in the middle - think creatively! Since we always carry out the embroidery in a high quality and technically high quality, it will last a long time - of course, even if you use the mat daily and wash it gently if necessary.

By the way: If you know like-minded people and would like to order an individually embroidered Yoga Mat Premium Plus together with them, the "Yoga Teacher Discount" is possible. Just ask in your yoga studio if your teacher will place the order for you.

Unique pieces in convincing quality and at the fair yogabox price

Yoga mats are among the most popular yogabox items. And we know from experience that many yoga lovers choose their yoga mat according to specific criteria. Of course, she has to feel soft, she should be insensitive and hard-wearing - and, above all, look pretty. That's why our individual yoga mats with sticks have the potential to be bestsellers just like their relatives with the standard embroidery designs. The selection is huge and ranges from yin & yang to chakras, mandalas and flowers to the popular OM motifs in colorful designs. Due to the completely individually embroidered yoga mat as a custom-made product, our range of embroidery mats is now expanding considerably.

Get your yoga mats individually embroidered now!

You have chosen and now want to embroider your favorite mantra, another symbol or a small saying? Many beautiful thread colors are available, both for embroidery emblems and for your text. On request you will find out more about the available number of characters and the font size.