GOTS meditation cushion

Make a fair and sustainable message with our GOTS meditation cushions

Our selection of beautiful, practical and very affordable Meditation Pillow is great. But not all cushions are consistently produced according to socially and ecologically compatible, completely defined guidelines. With the meditation cushion GOTS we would like to give you the opportunity to make a conscious commitment to sustainability. Because the decision for one of these pillows is at the same time your statement for an environmentally conscious, fair and strictly controlled textile production. In the "Global Organic Textile Standard" (GOTS) are the world's defined the most extensive requirements for the production and processing of textiles. Our GOTS-certified meditation cushions made of biofibres meet exactly these high standards. Moreover, they comply with the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 P.1 "Textile Confidence" for pollutant-tested textiles. This independent testing and certification system sets its own high standards for all processing stages of textile products.

Certainly count on the Website meditation cushion In addition to all these criteria but also other important aspects: Your pillow must be like you, fit you and be useful. We can promise you: In this regard, the meditation cushions GOTS are also in a class of their own!

The mediation cushion for special demands - high quality, colorful & individual

A meditation cushion should of course serve its purpose and help you optimally to find relaxation, rest or concentration in a comfortable, upright posture. If the functionality is right, it also depends on the subtleties. So yoga and meditation are even more fun with a pillow in your favorite color. And practical details such as carrying handle and size diversity play a role. Ideally, it pleases you visually, is insensitive, durable, colorful, easy-care and super processed - and was also one hundred percent fair, environmentally and socially responsible produced. In this respect, the meditation cushion GOTS is perfect all round, because it combines all these advantages in itself. Of course this not only applies to the skin-friendly, breathable and machine-washable outer shell made of organic cotton, but also to the organic spelled husks filling.

Round, oval or crescent-shaped: favorite pillow for colorful and relaxed meditation

Yogilotus, Rondo Classic or Moon Pillows: With us you are guaranteed to find your favorite pillow, which you will enjoy for a long time and which will become your indispensable meditation companion. The GOTS meditation pillows help you concentrate in a comfortable position and bring body, mind and soul into harmony. You can choose the shape and size of the pillow individually according to your flexibility, stature and your preferred position. Because for lotus, cross-legged, knee seat and lying positions, different shapes are recommended. So, a large crescent-shaped pillow is great for meditating cross-legged, while in the knee seat you better choose a smaller pillow that can be comfortably placed between your legs. If you have not grown up too much, you will usually get along better with a low cushion height of 10 - 15 cm than with a higher cushion. For Pilates and yoga, the so-called bolsters offer, which provide support and support you optimally. With most meditation cushions GOTS you can choose between at least eight stimulating colors. In addition to fresh green, soothing blue and sunny apricot, the favorites also include muted or glowing reds and of course the timeless meditation cushion in black.

The high quality, natural and flexible interior of our GOTS Meditation Cushion

Filling a pillow is crucial to making you feel flexible and comfortable. High-quality organic spelled husks from certified organic farming are perfectly suitable as natural filling material that adapts to your body shape and provides maximum comfort by relieving the musculature. In order to be able to individually vary this particularly light filling with additional filling material, the cushions are provided with a zipper. So you can decide how easy and comfortable you are to sit during the meditation and to Gelas