Elemental and individual: Your yoga mat Nature

Are you looking for a natural underlay for your yoga training and your relaxation exercises? At the same time, should your exercise mat be as individual as yourself and your needs? Then you are right with us. We have a wide range of high quality wool wool and other organic materials available for you. Go on a voyage of discovery: Our selection ranges from the Colorful Yoga Mat Nature Color about short and long hair high-pile models to the cuddly yoga mat Natur Deluxe made of merino or cashmere. As a practical extra we also offer sets of mats and matching bags. This will make your yoga mat naturally suitable for travel.

Find a place of rest on your yoga mat Nature

Especially yoga, Pilates and meditation are an opportunity to refrain and come back to themselves in often too hectic lives. Simply switching off is not always easy. Therefore, it is crucial to create the right external conditions for effective inner relaxation. Of course, you can practice or meditate yoga everywhere, but it is important for beginners to create a suitable environment. Warmth and calm are of course crucial, as is a suitable surface. Your yoga mat nature supports you. It is comfortable, gives you security and gives a pleasant body feeling. Over time, the fluffy surface of the yoga mat nature adapts to your movements. The natural materials live and breathe. Wool embodies earthiness and promotes a trusting devotion to the moment. On your yoga mat you will experience real, deep relaxation.

Enjoy the natural warmth of sheep's wool

Virgin wool has a number of special properties as a pure natural product. In contrast to some man-made fibers, wool emits a natural warmth and protects you from unpleasant cold even on stone or tile floors. For this reason, a yoga mat nature is particularly suitable for yoga styles such as Vini Yoga or the Satyananda School, where many asanas are practiced while lying or sitting.

Pleasant and practical at the same time

All of our natural yoga mats can be rolled up without any problem, while the woven material itself and the woolen pile remain dimensionally stable. Especially in a set with the matching bag, you can save space or take it into training. The Schurwollflor is grippy and very cuddly. Wool flatters the skin and does not irritate it. In addition, it acts moisture-balancing even during intensive training, by draining resulting moisture from the body. It is interesting, by the way, that virgin wool does not charge electrically under normal conditions and it is even said that the fibers filter and neutralize harmful substances from the air! Especially convincing are the self-cleaning properties of pure new wool, which make your yoga mat extremely easy to clean!

At a Glance: Benefits of Virgin Wool

  • provides natural warmth
  • absorbs moisture and dissipates it
  • softly cushions while holding
  • does not charge itself electrically
  • has self-cleaning properties
  • is dimensionally stable, even when rolling up
  • is a pure natural product

Varied and colorful: yoga mats made from new wool

We offer a large assortment of Sheep whool mat yoga mats and Merino. Partly the new wool is mixed with other, high-quality wools such as cashmere. Our natural yoga mats are available in different variants, so you have the choice. According to your preferences, you can fall back on short or high pile models. Or you opt for a particularly cuddly luxury mat. In addition, we offer you with the yoga mat Nature Color the opportunity to make your training colorful. Also the dimensions of our mats vary. Depending on your exercises, you should determine the optimal size for your personal training material. Your individual preferences, your yoga style and last but not least your stature decide. The natural yoga mat is available in dimensions between 75 x 200 centimeters and 100 x 200 centimeters. For example, if you are looking for a small, easy-to-transport base, we recommend a 75 x 200 cm mat. While you can easily perform all asanas on an extra-large mat.

Sustainability meets safety

Of course, the wool of our exercise mats comes exclusively from living animals. On the underside, all training mats are equipped with a slip-resistant layer of latex or felt to ensure a firm grip even on smooth surfaces.

For the extra portion of fluffy feel: Wool Mat HF

For this variation of the natural yoga mat, the virgin wool becomes a extra high pile woven. With her you train like on clouds. It envelops you and lets you sink in softly. Each of your movements is gently absorbed - a feeling of caress, with which your exercises become an experience of security. Some of the mats we have additionally edged with Webbändern to create a sexy visual eye-catcher. Of course, the wool Mat HF is available in different sizes.

Long-lasting companion: new wool short-pile

The Short-pile wool is particularly dense woven. This results in a robust and velvety pile, reminiscent of the structure of high-quality carpets. She does everything from quiet meditation to active Pilates exercises or asanas in motion. With her a reliable training partner is at your side! The natural material is tough yet soft, supple, warm and easy to clean. Short-hair mats are available in different sizes and are lined with a narrow band.

Approve color with a new wool mat Color

With the yoga mat Nature Color you can set stimulating color accents. It's almost too good to use for exercises only: rolled up, it's great for use as a seat pad. Also in our colored specimens, the new wool was woven into a dense short pile, which makes these mats equally cuddly and resistant. You have the choice between different shining tones. How about, for example, a fresh green that makes you think in the apartment on a spring day? With our natural yoga mat in shades of orange and red, the sun rises a bit when you roll out. Or do you rather appeal to the muted, dark tones that radiate earthiness and calmness?

Wool Mat Deluxe

Luxury is of course not important. But just for a harmonious relaxation, the small increase in well-being can be decisive. The yoga mat Natur Deluxe helps you to immerse yourself in your meditation or yoga exercises. Their particularly soft pile consists of either one hundred percent fine Merino or a mixture of pure new wool and cashmere. This fine wool comes from the cashmere goat and is characterized by its very fine fibers and very good heat storage properties. On the underside of the mat, a felt layer with a special mineral dot coating ensures firm adhesion to the floor.

Care instructions for your yoga mat Nature

Especially fascinating - and practical! - is the ability of natural wool to self-cleanse. Thus, it is usually sufficient to let your yoga mat nature after training briefly aerate. To do this, simply hang it over a suitable hanger or clothesline. The banister or a chair back is of course also suitable. The wool fibers remove excess moisture and regenerate. So your yoga mat will remain fluffy without much effort. From time to time, it may be advisable to tap or comb the mat carefully to remove dust and lint. If pressure points have formed, place a damp cloth on the spot and apply an iron over moderate heat several times. Due to the resulting water vapor, the wool pile straightens up again. If, after many intensive training sessions, it becomes necessary to wash your yoga mat naturally, please remember that virgin wool is a sensitive natural product. So you should use a suitable wool detergent or a mild lye of curd soap and wash at most lukewarm. In this way, the natural coat of wool fat is retained on the fibers and the entanglement is prevented.

With little effort, you'll enjoy your yoga mat in nature for a long time:

  • Just let it exhale after training
  • knock it out occasionally
  • Remove pressure points with steam
  • Wash gently and gently by gentle means

Yoga as an effective way to relax in everyday life

Actually, it goes without saying: Yoga, Pilates and meditation start with a good foundation. And that's what we mean as experienced yogis and yogis in the literal sense. With a yoga mat you can create your own feel-good room, a place of rest, whether in the middle of the living room or outside in the meadow. In our hectic everyday life yoga represents a proven way to more balance and harmony for centuries. Often the energy flow in the body along the meridians is disturbed, due to stress, tension or wrong nutrition. Meditation and asanas help you to release these blockages and restore the Qi River. By balancing exercise and mental relaxation training, yoga promotes the unity of physique and psyche. Your breath will calm and flow evenly. The mobility of mind and body increases - and thus your overall well-being improves.

With a natural yoga mat a reliable companion will be at your side. The pleasant feeling on the skin and the soft padding of the woolen pile make it easy for you to concentrate on the inside. Your yoga mat nature offers you non-slip support, be it meditation or asanas in motion. It speaks a lot for a training and meditation pad made of new wool, the naturalness of the materials as well as their practicality. That she hardly needs any care, is a welcome plus!

Convince yourself of the qualities - in our online shop your very own yoga mat nature awaits you.