About us

It started with a search ...

Yogabox started with a search for quality, reasonably priced yoga and yoga related products. As this search came to little or nothing, a frustrated Michael Matischok put his mind to it and came up with the Yogabox concept. The team is made up purely of yoga enthusiasts who know all about the different needs and demands of yoga learners and teachers. The range is therefore ever-expanding in order to keep up with this. The great quality and reasonable prices were soon a hot topic on the yoga scene, meaning we now have even more staff so that we can keep providing you with the best products as well as guaranteeing efficient service.

The special thing about the Yogabox range

At Yogabox you can find a rainbow palette of yoga materials for all price ranges and needs. We are particularly proud of our large range of yoga mats and meditation cushions. We have put all of our combined experience and know-how into this selection so we can fulfil all your wishes. Colour, shape and material play just as important a role as the reasonable prices and quality, of course tested by us personally. We even have a substantial proportion of our yoga mats made exclusively for us according to our specifications.

Comfort, from placing your order right up until delivery

A simple ordering and payment process as well as our very own warehouse ensure that your order arrives quickly and easily at your door. If you have any questions or queries about our products please don't hesitate to contact us, our competent team will advise you personally. We are also always grateful for feedback about our products or suggestions of any kind.

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